Monday, November 23, 2009

Survivor Samoa - Episode 10

Wow. Just wow.

So I guess it is a set rule about the random rock draw. Once that was established I was pretty sure that someone wasn't going to want to let it go to chance. That's just crazy. I'm surprised it was only one person.

I was glad to finally see some Foa Foa members get a chance to enjoy a reward. And lucky Russell got to see that clue. Seeing Dave chase him all around was hilarious. I still can't believe he managed to lose him and immediately find the idol. Is he some sort of mole placed by the producers to stir things up? And I think I was wrong in my last post. I think they might just keep it the same amount of difficulty. The multiple uses of the idol has been great.

Seriously, what would Brett say if he gets to the final two - um well, I almost won that immunity challenge once.... Unless there is more going on behind the scenes, he doesn't say very much. Also doesn't seem to scheme all that much either.

Shambo. After last week, and how quiet she was about Russell's idol, I thought for sure there would be another completely surprised Laura at TC. I couldn't believe how open Shambo was about voting for Laura. And her glee at the Immunity Challenge. (Yay for Mick). I thought, for sure, that that was going to ruin it for her somehow. But then again is there reason to hide it. If you let everyone know that there is going to be a tie, they have the chance to decide to switch over, like John eventually did. Maybe Shambo knows what she is doing more so than I thought.

Tribal Council. Just great. Dave gives the greatest facial expressions. I don't know if I'm rooting for him to win necessarily but he is definitely entertaining. I think John did the right thing here. I'm really surprised that that many of them were willing to draw the rock. I'm interested to see how Shambo acts now that Laura is gone.

Next week. It will be interesting for sure. Does anyone know that Russell found the idol again? I don't think he showed anyone this time - although I could be remembering wrong. The preview after the show made it seem like they were going to go for Russell. However, I thought I saw a snipit of a commercial on CBS that made it seem like John. If I were to bet, I would bet that it would be John. I think Shambo still doesn't much like the former Galus. And after she says last week that Russell is the only person she really trusts, I can't see her going after him. (Unless she knows that he releases the chickens.) I think they will get rid of John, Brett, and Dave. Then I think Jaison, Mick, and Natalie will attempt to blindside Russell.(and Shambo) Then they will go after Shambo, leaving those three in the end. In any event, I think the final three will be former Foa Foa members, which will be amazing. Well, unless they want to take along Shambo because they don't think she will get any votes from the former Galus.

This season is really taking off!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Survivor Samoa - Episode 9

Wow. Amazing. I can not believe Russell found it again! Have they been hiding it harder in previous seasons, or are people just not looking? I can guarantee that the Hidden Immunity Idol is not going to be the same again. I have a feeling it is going to be hidden much better in seasons to come. Probably more burying going on.

Does anyone remember when Shambo and Laura started this intense dislike/distrust of each other? I don't remember very much, although I'm assuming it was probably edited out.

Poor Foa Foa - they just can't win anything. Somehow they all end up on the same team for the challenge, and Natalie chooses them. Although, I'm not sure the Immunity Idol stuff could have been pulled off as well if she would have went with the Galu members.

How does Laura win again?? That's just crazy. I don't see her pulling out a 3rd win in a row though. I'm hoping it goes to someone like Natalie.

Tribal council was great. Erik is so ticked. Loved the looks of Galu after Russell plays the Idol. Laura looked ready to kill someone. Dave just chuckles. (I like Dave, he's one of my favorites.) Everyone else is pretty much stunned. And Erik is cheering. Finally, finally someone is able to pull off a completely surprise move and save themselves. I'm not sure if that has happened before.

I really wish it wouldn't have had to be Kelly last night though - I feel like we hardly heard from her at all.

Oh my, next week is going to be great! Of course they are going to try to follow Russell where ever he goes, and probably going to be searching high and low for the next one, if they add it. If I were them, I would either hide a hike away from camp - or not put one in the game at all.

As for strategy. I think that Shambo is the key. As long as Laura does not win Immunity - I'm seeing her jump over with the Foa Foa guys to vote for Laura. Shambo has nothing to lose. She stays with Galu - she will probably go home #6 - if she goes with Foa Foa - probably will go home #5. Although, she also might be the person to keep around. If you have a jury full of Galu members, Shambo is the PERFECT person to have up against you. They aren't going to vote for her if she betrays them. And if you a Galu, you might want to keep her around for the same reason, FF members might not want to vote for her if she decided that she wasn't going to go with them. Yes, she is definitely the key to upcoming strategy.

I'm interested to see what happens if they force a tie. In other seasons they talk like they know that if it is a tie it will be some sort of random play - I'm not sure if that is just assumption, or if that is part of the rules. I'm guessing it would be a challenge or based on past votes. If it was based on past votes, would all those votes from this episode count against Russell, or would does using the Immunity Idol completely erase them.

At this point I really don't have a clear favorite. There are people on both sides that I would like to see win - Natalie, Dave, Brett, Mick. So I really want to see a tie, just to see all the drama and to see how producers handle it.